About Me

We don’t go through life and decide one day to change our lives. It’s usually a traumatic experience that causes a person to re-think their lives and their purpose. I thank God every day for the many opportunities and experiences He has given me in my lifetime to finally have the ability to return to my true loves…. nature, writing, and photography.

“In the journey of life, it’s not always the main path, but the indirect route that leads a person to their destiny. It was a twist of fate that diverted me from my residence in the mid-west to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. It was here, in this place of deep green forests, clear, sparkling streams, and dramatic mountain landscapes that I was introduced to the beauty and wonder of the dragonfly and the native wildlife that lives within this beautiful land.

While I am inspired by nature and it’s beauty, art is my passion. Photography and writing about my art is an avenue with which I can express the beauty of nature as I see it. This ever-changing beauty enfolds in front of use daily, however, most don’t take the time to look, let alone watch. It has been my dream to capture and share these moments with the world.

No two moments in life will ever be the same, nor should my art. Each moment and piece is unique from the way it is assembled or touched. My goal is to show my viewers the passion and calming effect the magnificence of nature can have on the soul. The Dance of the Dragonfly came about from my observance of this sparkling creature as it came to the ponds to perform the ritual of mating. If you sit quietly near the water’s edge long enough, you too may be fortunate to see this hidden treasure and possibly witness the beauty of the dance.”

I love working on large pieces. I take so many photographs of an event and piece them back together as I experienced the moment from that event/day. I hope you enjoy these experiences as much as I have and the time and patience it takes to capture these moments.

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