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The very basis for my life since childhood has always revolved around nature and observing the positive influences of how nature connects with our daily lives. Exploring, reflecting, and just possessing an inquisitive and intuitive personality has been the main ingredient that formed my entire personality since childhood. It's not possible to see or capture it all. Every day is a new day and wherever I travel, I see something new. I like visiting places less-seen, if they've ever been seen at all. I also like visiting our landscape treasures and portraying them as I view them in all their splendor.

The Dance of the Dragonfly came about as I sat near a pond pretty much on a daily basis for close to 6 months waiting for nature to enfold in front of me. This time was a time of reflection. Their beauty never ceases to amaze me. The book is suitable for all ages and contains landscapes and images of dragonflies worthy of any coffee table, followed by an in-depth study of myths and legends about them. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it and photographing them.

Wildlife photography can be very rewarding if you have the patience to pursue it. To capture an animal in it's natural habitat without it fearing your presence is very difficult. Taking the time to observe animal patterns and behaviors, knowing when not to interfere with their life cycles, and respecting their routines (ie; if they show stress, move back and use a longer lens) is key. I treat wildlife, plants, and places as if I was their guest and in return, she never ceases to surprise me.

Dance of the Dragonfly


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Dance of the Dragonfly
Dance of the Dragonfly
Dragonfly Inspired Fine Jewelry

Sitting by the pond
watching in fascination
the beauty of the dance...

Suitable for all ages
Enjoy the beautfiul landscapes
and colorful dragonflies!
Landscape photography
of the beautiful places
these small jewels reside....
Myths & Legends

Vivid photographs of
these beautiful creatures
in their natural habitat...

Research of the Myths,
Legends and Truths
I've discovered along my path
Enjoy the power of imagination
as we sit together and
watch, listen, and enjoy
Dance of the Dragonfly
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