About Me

While I am inspired by nature and it's beauty, art is my passion. Photography and writing about the beauty of nature as I see it is a dream. I bring to you small pieces of my experiences & perspectives of nature's beauty as I sit and wait for her to unfold in front of me.

Stay tuned for more nature-inspired creations. I plan on sharing with you more perspectives of nature's wildlife that I'm fortunate to witness here in the beautiful Pacific NW, such as the owl, eagle, osprey, and more.

No two moments in life will ever be the same, nor should my art. Each moment and piece is unique from the way it is assembled or touched. If you sit quietly near the water's edge long enough, you too may be fortunate to see these hidden jewels and possibly witness the beauty of nature's dance.

In the journey of life, it's not always the main path, but the indirect route that leads a person to their destiny.

It was destiny that I am here and sharing with you today my passion.

Dance of the Dragonfly is where I begin. I am hoping you will like it as well and share it with your children.

It has been my dream to share it with you.

Stay tuned for more books on the wildlife I photograph and new titles to share with your children and family.

It has been my dream to capture these moments and share them with the world.

I want to thank my family and my wonderful childhood memories - they have been and continue to be my inspiration.

My site is currently under construction - I apologize for the inconvenience.

You may either email me or visit my art at one of the following locations:
Laughing Clam| 121 S.W. G Street| Grants Pass, Oregon 97526| 541.479.1110
Moulton Falls Winery Featured Artist, 31101 NE Railroad Ave, Yacolt, Washington 98675 | 360.686.4070

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